Tap dance and live music for everyone to enjoy and experience.


Our performances draw on the jazz tradition of Hoofing originating from North America. In our performances, tap dance is both a musical instrument, and an energetic, highly physical and dynamic embodiment of the music.

As well as featuring blistering and exciting improvised solos, we share repertoire from past Tap Masters such as Eddie Brown and Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson, and original choreography to new music compositions. We blend aspects of jazz traditions with innovative approaches to new music and choreography to amaze and inspire audiences across generations.

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Tap Jams

A tap jam is an event where tap dancers of all ages and abilities can perform with live music in a community setting. Everyone is welcome to take part or simply watch and enjoy.

An amazing experience whether you are new to tap dance, or looking for performance opportunities as an experienced tap dancer.


We have delivered community adult Tap Dance activities since 2006 in Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham. We like to include live music in our workshops so that knowledge about music and musicality can be gained alongside learning steps, choreography and creative exercises.

We offer sessions suitable for all levels whether absolute beginners wanting to grasp the basics, or professional performers and teachers looking for challenge, inspiration and new ideas.

What people say

Tap Jam has become an important fixture in our schedule at Peggy’s Skylight. Always superb quality from the jazz trio, with great leadership from Jess Murray, presented in an exciting, fun and all-inclusive style. It’s a totally unique experience, where participants and spectators alike are warmly welcomed, with a true ability mix from novice through to professional. Highly recommended.
Paul Deets

Owner, Peggy’s Skylight, winner Best Independent Live Music Venue BID Awards 2019

The Tap Rhythm Project Tap Jam has been the perfect opportunity for me to “find my feet” when improvising tap dance. Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another and dancers of all level and experience are made welcome. The opportunity to dance alongside live musicians is challenging and exciting. It has helped me develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of music and improvised performance – a tap jam always leaves me with a smile on my face!
Neil Hanney


The Tap Jam is a very warm and exciting atmosphere where you feel welcomed as soon as you step into the venue. As a dancer who has previously graduated from studying dance at university, the tap jam has been a place to push myself out of my comfort zone by improvising different genres of music and a way to experiment with different movements and sequences.
Maddy Gidelow


As a long time tapper, Tap Rhythm Project and the Tap Jams are completely different to anything I’ve ever done before. The combination of rhythm tap and live music is fantastic. Jess and the band encourage dancers and non dancers alike to dance and experience the joy of tap improvisation to live music. It’s great to get up and dance or simply to watch

Melanie Joy


Email: jess@tapproject.com