Rhythm Tap dance has a long tradition of bringing people together through rhythm.

 Tap Rhythm Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise working to raise the profile of rhythm tap dance in the UK. We hold tap activities and events, and provide a forum for people to develop, discuss and share ideas and research and access information about rhythm tap dance in the UK.

 Our activities range from regular tap dance classes to tap jams, talks, film screenings and workshops with tap masters from all over the world combining creativity, fitness and cultural heritage. We aim to make tap dance activities accessible to communities and create opportunities for beginners to professionals to learn, perform, and share ideas.

Our Aims and Objectives:

Community Participation

Our aim is to create opportunities for local communities to experience rhythm tap, working to support and build the rhythm tap community locally, nationally and internationally.


Tap Rhythm Project creates professional training and performance opportunities for its members, encouraging a new generation of rhythm tap teachers and performers.

Raising the profile of Rhythm Tap

Tap Rhythm Project aims to increase public awareness of the rich cultural history of tap dance and celebrate the achievements of Tap Masters past and present. We are compiling an archive of tap dance learning resources including books, articles, documentaries and films that we can share with members of the public.